Bianca and Joseph inspire me to reconsider what are the most vital and memorable elements of a wedding.

Their wedding day had a simple rundown of a Chinese-style ceremony where they served tea to both sides of the parents in the morning, a Western ceremony where they officially tied the knot in the afternoon, followed by a banquet in the evening. However, each occasion of the day was ample with interesting moments that make timeless photos: Bianca and the bridesmaids enjoying champagne barefoot on the balcony, overlooking the metropolitan view of Hong Kong, Joseph and the groomsmen savoring chicken feet, the couple laughing together, their parents in a dance…to describe just a few.

I was particularly impressed by the overwhelming joy shared by everyone present on the day – a clear indicator of their close, loving bond like one big family. These are the things I love to capture the most as a wedding photographer.

My belief is echoed by Bianca’s speech during the banquet. She revealed that when she was planning the wedding, she had made one important condition with her father: the wedding should only invite the closest few without including any business partners. It is meant to be an intimate, private wedding as opposed to ‘a public show’ for the entertainment of mere acquaintances. She envisioned a wedding that could match what the couple wishes for, instead of simply fulfilling the expectation or imagination of others.

Her vision was beautifully realized, as shown by all the happy faces on the day and in the photos.

Thank you Bride and Breakfast HK for featuring: A Delightful Wedding at the Aberdeen Marina Club

Photographer: Patrick Photography / Venue: Portside Restaurant in AMC / Makeup & Hair: Karen Lam from Delicate Face Makeup / Civil Celebrant: 岑漢和


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