When picturing these sceneries, the images invoked are likely to be those of scandinavian forests and hawaiian coastlines. So, an initial glance at Chris and Michael’s pre-wedding photos may lead you to believe that they had travelled far for the shoot and a holiday. It may be surprising but in fact, these pre-wedding shots were taken just on a beach and the countryside in Hong Kong!

Hong Kong is a place like no other, in that you can be out of the bustling city and transported to a jungle of green within minutes. For Chris and Michael’s pre-wedding shoot, we found a spectacular woodland in the countryside with large, sprawling branches that created natural archways. The sunlight between the leaves printed on the ground like patchwork, which made for a dreamy and glowing environment to shoot in. Chris’s pastel pink dress complemented the green muted tones, which gave an air of enchantment and elegance. Hand in hand, Chris and Michael strolled through the woodland as relaxed and happy wanderers. It looked like something out of a fairytale.

As the day progressed, the couple found themselves at the beach. The late afternoon sun was warm and soft whilst Michael and Chris enjoyed their time together walking across the shoreline and listening to the calm waves. Stood in front of the majestic mountains, the couple looked radiant with love.

To find beautiful natural landscapes for pre-wedding shoots in Hong Kong, you do not need to go far! If you’d like to explore some of these places and have lovely photographs taken of you and your loved ones, please do not hesitate to reach out.


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As a wedding photographer, it should come as no surprise that I love photographing weddings. One of the best things about the process is witnessing the connections between friends, family and the bride and groom. The affectionate atmosphere is often felt throughout the day and recorded in the captured moments. 

April and Ivan’s wedding day was filled with warmth and cheerful spirit. I still remember the gentle beams of sunlight pouring through the windows of April’s hotel room – a sign of a good day – as she got ready for the Chinese tea ceremony. That morning, Ivan picked April up from the hotel and brought her to his beautifully decorated home, adorned in orchids and intricate paper cut outs to complement the traditional tea ceremony. Ivan’s mum even wrote her own blessings in calligraphy and stuck them to the living room wall. In the offering of teas, from the bride and groom to their seniors, the familial love was strong and all encompassing. 

The couple chose to host their wedding at the Gold Coast(香港黃金海岸酒店) as they had both always wanted a wedding in the outdoors upon the green grass. April’s spectacular wedding gown with the long train, was stunning in the wonderful soft light of the day as she walked down the aisle with her father. From Ivan and April saying their vows under a myriad of pastel flowers to April throwing the bouquet to her fellow bridesmaids and guests, these special moments in the greenery were precious and a joy to photograph.

Thank you Bride and Breakfast HK for featuring: An Elegantly Decorated Wedding Celebration at Hong Kong Gold Coast Hotel

Photography: Patrick Photography / Venue: Hong Kong Gold Coast Hotel / Bride’s Gown: Simply Love Wedding, 錦發繡莊 / Makeup Artist: Luscious Wedding / Bouquet and Floral Decorations: Pride-to-Be Wedding & event Decoration /  Bridesmaids’ gifts: Made of Pearl / Wedding Cake and Dessert Table: Bakery Plus



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December, for many, is the best month of the year. With dazzling festive decorations draped across the city and plans of reunions and parties penciled into diaries, it is indeed the most wonderful time of the year. Lorraine and Brian, however, had one more trick up their sleeves. They were getting married! A joyous occasion to top off the Christmas and New Year’s festivities. 

On a crisp December day, the groom and his groomsmen congregated outside The Mira Hotel, Hong Kong, framed with bright Christmas decorations. Brian was picking up Lorraine in her elegant white dress to Chinese Rhenish Church, Kowloon, where the wedding ceremony would  be held. Walking through The Mira with her arm around Brian’s, you could tell that Lorraine and her husband-to-be had a great sense of comfort within each other’s company as they smiled and chatted to each other. 

Outside the large wooden doors of the Chinese Rhenish Church, Lorraine’s father helped his daughter arrange her veil, a gesture of care and love. As the ceremony began, the bridesmaid and the groomsmen were led down the aisle adorned with flowers, by a dapper young boy and an adorable flower girl with a bouquet in her hands. Soon after came Lorraine and her father, as Brian stood on the altar with a proud grin on his face. Below the large, warmly lit cross, the couple said their vows to one another and were married. As Brian prepared to walk out with his newly wedded wife, Lorraine was so touched by the love she felt in becoming Brian’s wife that she reduced to tears. The soft winter sun shone through the clouds as if to celebrate Brian and Lorriane’s new marriage, which made the glowing garden behind the church a beautiful backdrop for photos. 

In the evening, the couple and their family and friends gathered at The Mira’s splendid banquet hall for their wedding reception. Brian and Lorraine ventured through the room full of round tables to the front, where their impressive, 5-tiered wedding cake waited for them on the blue stage. The couple shared a glass of champagne and made a toast to their supportive and loving guests. The rest of the evening was full of wedding cheer, love and laughter. Each raised glass for Brian and Lorraine was a celebration, for the couple’s new era of life together as husband and wife.

Photography: Patrick Photography / Venue: The Mira Hong Kong / Church: Chinese Rhenish Church Kowloon (中華基督教禮賢會九龍堂)


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Nine months deep into 2020, it’s no surprise that COVID-19 has affected people’s lives in profound ways. The pandemic’s presence has permeated conversations, daily lives and future plans- often left tentative. Yet, for those who wish to keep things ticking along, many have had to make certain sacrifices and get a little creative (with full consideration of health and safety, of course.) 

For Yangie and Fouad, they decided to go ahead with their wedding. Adjustments were made to remedy the fact that Fouad’s family and friends in Lebanon and around the globe could not physically attend the ceremony. Using an iPad, the couple did a Zoom livestream with all of Fouad’s family and friends, allowing them to be virtually present on their big day.

The wedding ceremony was held at the exclusive and chic China Club in Central. Upon entering the club, I was met with a long flight of stairs with its walls covered in large majestic portraits and paintings. At the top floor, I reached a library with large wooden shelves filled to the brim with books, where the ceremony was to be held. The room’s vibrant mustard walls complemented the red tones of the wooden shelves and chairs, making the room particularly homey. There, I met Fouad, chatting to his family with his iPad sat on the spacious window sill whilst Yangie had her makeup and hair done in the room across the hall. 

Yangie’s close family and friends stood quietly, with smiles from ear-to-ear as Yangie walked down the aisle in her gorgeous wedding dress alongside her father. The wedding was charming and intimate. One of the most heartwarming moments was when Fouad’s mother made a speech after the wedding. Despite being across oceans, his mother’s expressed pride and love for her son brought Fouad to tears. Her blessings for the young couple were strongly felt, even through a screen. 

As they moved on to the Chinese tea ceremony, Yangie’s beautiful kwan kua suitably matched the stylish aesthetic of the room. The newlyweds poured tea for their seniors and received great blessings; even Fouad’s parents had their own tea ready and partook in the tradition! It was truly a delightful and endearing sight to see culture shared from afar. 

Photographing Yangie and Fouad’s wedding was a thoroughly enjoyable and enlightening experience. It is inspiring to see that people can be incredibly adaptable in times of hardship finding creative solutions to bring joy into their lives. Congratulations, Yangie and Fouad!

Photography: Patrick Photography / Venue: The China Club Hong Kong




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As a wedding photographer, I’ve had the honour of witnessing people from different cultures and nationalities come together as one through love. Jonathan and Florence are one of those couples. Florence, a local Hong Konger met Jonathan from Korea at a work event. Since then, their growing love for each other has stretched across three major cities- Seoul, Hong Kong and Shanghai.

The couple decided to host the wedding in Hong Kong, with a traditional Chinese tea ceremony followed by a classic church wedding at Kowloon Union Church. The bride and groom got ready at the Kerry Hotel as Florence’s mum lovingly helped dress her daughter in the elaborately detailed kwan kua. From the way her mother’s smile beamed, you could tell that she had a heart full of joy and love for Florence’s new beginning with Jonathan. Across the hall, Jonathan and his groomsmen suited up to prepare for their journey to the tea ceremony. 

A Chinese tea ceremony is typically a show of respect for the couple’s seniors, to receive their blessings and honour family bonds. As Jonathan and Florence poured tea for their respective parents and relatives, they were given a pair of striking gold dragon and phoenix bangles. The duo signifies an ideal partnership, and is said to bring beauty, prosperity, unity, harmony and balance for the lovers’ new journey together as husband and wife. A remarkable and wonderful blessing for Jonathan and Florence.

At the Kowloon Union Church later that day, Florence, in her long white veil, walked down the aisle beside her mother to meet Jonathan at the altar. For them, it was in God’s plan to bring them together, for their love to transcend borders, in anticipation for this big day in which their worlds will combine into one. As Jonathan lifted Florence’s veil and leaned in to kiss her, Florence gently wiped away her tears of joy as her and her husband truly began a new chapter in their lives together.

Surrounded by delightful friends and family, the newly weds greeted each table at their wedding reception with glowing smiles. Jonathan’s mum wore a beautiful hanbok, a traditional korean dress, in celebration of her son’s wedding and his new life with his wife.

It was a wonderful experience documenting Jonathan and Florence’s big day and hearing about their serendipitous meeting. It is incredibly endearing to see love flourish between people from all walks of life.

Photography: Patrick Photography / Venue: Kerry Hotel Hong Kong / Kowloon Union Church / Makeup Artist: SAYSO



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