There are moments in life that are simply priceless. As a wedding photographer, I feel incredibly lucky to be able to witness and capture some of them for my clients. 

For Jay and Michelle, they started their wedding day getting ready for their tea ceremony at the luxury hotel, Grand Hyatt, in Hong Kong. With a bouquet of flowers in her hand, Michelle wore a qun kua with gold and white detailing sewn onto bright red fabric; on her neck hung a row of golden bangles to signal the bride being welcomed into the family. Afterwards, the couple decided to go for a walk under the archway of trees at the outside area of the hotel, which was a wonderful spot for some photos. Hand in hand, Jay and Michelle enjoyed the soft midday light in each other’s loving company before heading to St. Margaret’s Church for the wedding ceremony. 

What I admire about St. Margaret’s Church as a wedding venue was the beautiful, ambient, warm lighting and the lovely pastel flowers pinned to the edge of each bench. In her long veil and elegant lace white dress, Michelle was accompanied by her father down the aisle to meet a well-dressed Jay, who was waiting before the large altar. Seeing the loving looks between the couple as they exchanged their vows, their family and friends were overcome with happiness for them. 

At Aberdeen Marina Club 深灣遊艇會, the sun gave its warm, golden-hour glow as the couple walked along the docks before the banquet started. The flares of sunlight captured in the photos show the kind of magic that can be felt in the first few moments of becoming newlyweds. It also reflected the joy felt by the bridesmaids and groomsmen who were glad to be there to celebrate their friends’ beautiful wedding day. The day ended with great food, drinks, smiles and laughter – all to mark the beginning of a fruitful marriage.

Photography: Patrick Photography / Venue: Grand Hyatt Hong Kong (Tea ceremony) St. Margaret’s Church Aberdeen Marina Club/ Bride’s Gown: Miss Bride Wedding Shop / Makeup Artist: Candice Makeup / Music: Neo Music Production


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Having a wedding at a stunning venue is many people’s dream and luckily, you’re not short of choice when it comes to finding idyllic views in Hong Kong to tie the knot. On a clear, sky blue day, Melissa and Jordan gathered their family and friends at the Clearwater Bay Golf and Country Club for their wedding ceremony. 

Surrounded by the aquamarine ocean and jade green hills, the wedding ceremony took place in the open space outdoors. Think garden wedding but much bigger. Symmetrical rows of wooden chairs were placed neatly on the grass, with large bouquets of warm pastel flowers leading to the framed altar. At every angle, you could see blue, green and earthy tones that were very pleasing to the eye. The bride and bridesmaids’ dresses matched the scenery perfectly, too. Melissa’s white wedding dress glowed beautifully under the golden sun whilst the bridesmaids’ lavender dresses tied the pastel and blush elements from the light-coloured wood and roses altogether. 

Earlier that day, Melissa and Jordan had taken part in a traditional Chinese Tea Ceremony. There, I was able to capture Melissa’s stunning qun kwa (two-piece dress) adorned with golden embroidery on red silky fabric. To match her outfit, there was a ruby red rose with an elegant bow pinned to Jordan’s suit jacket. From the happy expressions on Melissa’s parents’ faces, you could tell that they were glad to celebrate their daughter’s future with Jordan as a married couple.

Being a wedding photographer, what I love the most is capturing candid emotions, the little details and the joy felt at these events. What I also love is being able to go to and explore fantastic venues with mind-blowing views. The combination of these two elements inspire me to keep documenting weddings and create photos that warm not only my clients’ hearts but also my own.

Thank you Bride and Breakfast HK for featuring: This Picturesque Cliff Wedding Took Place at Clearwater Bay

Photographer: Patrick Photography / Makeup Artist: Mini Chan Make-up / Venue: Clearwater Bay Golf and Country Club


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When in Japan, spotting baby pink plumes flowering on the trees is a sign that Spring has begun. The Sakura or Japanese Cherry Blossom is a fragrant flower that symbolises optimism and renewal – fitting for the start of new life chapters. For Terence and Venus’ pre-wedding shoot, we flew to Kyoto in April to take advantage of the sakura bloom and create memorable shots.

In her wedding dress, Venus stood close to Terence under a transparent umbrella as Spring brought a light drizzle and a shower of cherry blossoms on long branches that were leaning gently towards the ground. Using the flowers and branches as foreground objects to convey a sense of depth and softness, the photos were nicely framed and pleasing to the eye. Beneath the blanket of pink, the couple looked very sweet together in anticipation for their wedding that was to come. 

Throughout the trip, we visited many local spots for photo opportunities. The couple frequently travel to Kyoto and have a love for Japanese street food. So, I followed them to a large street food market where they were able to indulge in a wide variety of delicious treats. I loved capturing the happy expressions on Venus and Terence’s faces as they enjoyed each other’s company whilst exploring the streets of Kyoto. 

As lovers of Japanese culture, the couple also chose to visit an old Japanese temple, with Venus dressed in a red and patterned traditional Japanese kimono and Terence in a black yukata. Amongst the orange, red and brown tones of the temple architecture, Venus and Terence fit perfectly into the scene and through their relaxed and playful dispositions, you could tell that they were in their element. 

Being able to travel for my job is definitely a highlight of being a wedding photographer. I find great fulfillment in exploring a new place but also in getting to know my clients better through their choices in the itinerary. Going to Kyoto with Venus and Terence for their pre-wedding shoot was a wonderful experience and I hope to visit Japan again soon.

Thank you Bride & Breakfast HK for featuring: This Couple’s Rainy Engagement Shoot Turned Out to Be So Beautiful


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As a wedding photographer, I’ve come across many interesting clients from all around the world, which is what makes my job particularly fascinating. On this occasion, I photographed a wedding portrait series for Viktor and Svetlana, a wonderful couple who had come to Hong Kong all the way from Russia for their honeymoon. 

Viktor and Svetlana loved the view of the Victoria Harbour, so chose to stay at the Ritz Carlton, the tallest hotel in Hong Kong which overlooks the impressive vast beauty of Victoria Harbour. Prior to the shoot, I had only communicated with the couple over email, so it was a delight to finally meet them. They were a tall and classy couple who, dressed in their stunning wedding gown and handsome suit, had an elegant demeanour, which suited the grandeur and sophistication of the Ritz Carlton Hotel. 

As I wanted the photographs to reflect the magnificence of the location, we did the shoot in a renowned Chinese restaurant at the Ritz called 天龍軒 (Tin Lung Heen). In the restaurant, the dark mahogany cabinets and the warm yellow and red tones were complemented by large panel windows that brought in beautiful sweeps of natural light. Viktor and Svetlana looked very comfortable in that setting – it seemed like they’d chosen the perfect place for their honeymoon. The restaurant also had an incredible corridor where the ceiling, walls and floor were made entirely from glass and crystals. It looked a lot like Yayoi Kusama’s brilliant installment of Infinity Mirrors, giving Viktor and Svetlana’s wedding portraits an opulent and futuristic touch.

It was truly a unique experience to photograph Viktor and Svetlana’s wedding portrait during their marvelous honeymoon. After the shoot, the lovely couple even extended an invitation for me to visit them if I am ever in Russia. Russia is a beautiful place; would anyone fancy having a wedding shoot over there?

Photography: Patrick Photography / Venue: 天龍軒 Tin Lung Heen



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Apart from weddings, I also shoot many maternity and family photos. For these types of shoots, I typically like to get my clients outside to enjoy the lovely weather and nature. I find that the fresh air, warm sunlight and green expanse provide an air of tranquility and freedom that is hard to replicate in a studio setting. The spaciousness of the outdoors is particularly appealing to young children as they feel more at ease to play and express themselves. As a result, the photos that come out of a shoot outdoors tend to feel more natural with my subjects content and carefree.

Hong Kong has a myriad of accessible, beautiful environments with large green spaces. For this maternity and family shoot with Lucosa and Ken, we chose to do it at a green patch under the late afternoon sun and during golden hour. This meant that we could avoid the harsh sun and shoot some warm, creamy, soft-lit photographs in anticipation of welcoming the fourth member (their second child) into their family. A great combination of heartwarming and playful moments were captured of the couple and their daughter that day. It was truly a lovely process to witness and photograph.

I can still remember photographing this family a few years ago when their first child was born. It’s crazy how quickly time has flown by! Kids grow up so fast, so be sure to take more photographs with them to remember the heartfelt and joyful family moments together.



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