Wedding Photography

Every wedding should be unique. We believe that every couple’s personality is different, so even if we maintain our style of photography, we wish to reflect each couple’s own individual character in their pictures. This is a philosophy we insist on and try to achieve at every wedding.


Wedding at the Aberdeen Marina Club

There are moments in life that are simply priceless. As a wedding photographer, I feel incredibly lucky to be able toView full post »

Wedding at the Clearwater Bay Golf and Country Club

Having a wedding at a stunning venue is many people’s dream and luckily, you’re not short of choice when it comes toView full post »

Kyoto Pre-wedding , Japanese Cherry Blossom

When in Japan, spotting baby pink plumes flowering on the trees is a sign that Spring has begun. The Sakura or JapaneseView full post »

Wedding Portrait at Ritz Carlton Hong Kong

As I wanted the photographs to reflect the magnificence of the location, we did the shoot in a renowned ChineseView full post »

Maternity/Family shoot at Victoria Peak Garden Hong Kong

Apart from weddings, I also shoot many maternity and family photos. For these types of shoots, I typically like to getView full post »

Wedding at The Murray, Hong Kong, A Niccolo Hotel

We were very lucky that Yulanda and Darren’s wedding venue and vision matched our own natural and candid photographyView full post »

Hong Kong Pre-wedding at fairytale woodlands and clearwater beaches

To find beautiful natural landscapes for pre-wedding shoots in Hong Kong, you do not need to go far!View full post »

Wedding at Hong Kong Gold Coast Hotel

The couple chose to host their wedding at the Gold Coast as they had both always wanted a wedding in the outdoors uponView full post »

Wedding at The Mira Hong Kong and Chinese Rhenish Church Kowloon

December, for many, is the best month of the year. With dazzling festive decorations draped across the city and plansView full post »

Wedding at The China Club Hong Kong

The wedding ceremony was held at the exclusive and chic China Club in Central. Upon entering the club, I was met with aView full post »

Wedding at Kowloon Union Church & Kerry Hotel Hong Kong

As a wedding photographer, I’ve had the honour of witnessing people from different cultures and nationalities comeView full post »

Pre-wedding at St. John’s Cathedral & HK Museum of Medical Sciences

The shoot was not only a record of the couple’s love for one another but also a quintessential expression of HongView full post »

Wedding at House 1881

In times of crisis, there is nothing that we need more than our friends and family, the sense of community andView full post »

Wedding at City Hall & Ole Spanish Restaurant

Weddings are celebrations of love, and that love stretches far beyond the romance. The love we celebrate at weddingsView full post »

Wedding at Bethanie Chapel

One of the pleasures of being a wedding photographer is witnessing different styles of weddings and visiting manyView full post »

Wedding at Yan Fook Church & Intercontinental Hotel Hong Kong

What are the vital elements that make a wedding day special? Aside from the big event itself, it is the peopleView full post »

Wedding at Grand Hyatt Hotel Pool House

Hosting a wedding during the Covid-19 outbreak is undoubtedly a challenging task. The lovely couple opted for a simpleView full post »

A dreamy wedding with Shetland Ponies at Beas River Country Club

In recent years, outdoor wedding becomes a popular wedding trend as Mother Nature offers minimalist decor and intimateView full post »

A splendid affair at Island Shangri-La with Kenneth and Valerie

“Our soulmate is the one who makes life come to life”. Kenneth and Valerie planned their most significant moment ofView full post »

Ava’s & Andy’s Heartwarming Wedding with a harbour view

As the old Chinese saying goes, “Destiny brings together people who are thousands of miles apart”. This fits perfectlyView full post »

Japan Pre-Wedding Trip 2020

We are excited for the Japan autumn leaves trip at the end of November this year and cherry blossom in March 2020.ThereView full post »

Eilidh . William’s Wedding at Duddell’s

One of the captivating moments was the couple doing a Scottish Wedding Dance while they tied the knot.View full post »

Bryoni & Dennis’s Wedding at W Hotel

As a wedding photographer, I am always curious to know something more about the couple, about how they met in the firstView full post »

Catherine & Arthur’s Wedding at JW Marriott Hotel

I remember Catherine & Arthur’s wedding fondly. It attests to my belief that an excellent photographer is one whoView full post »


Bianca and Joseph inspire me to reconsider what are the most vital and memorable elements of a wedding. Their weddingView full post »


Rain was tapping softly on the window panes, as the bride, Sally, donned the Chinese traditional dress and a pair ofView full post »

Phoebe . Ricky’s Wedding at The Peninsula Hong Kong

My experience with Phoebe and Rocky confirms my belief that only when a photographer is able to immerse himself/herselfView full post »

Alan’s Proposal at Hong Kong Airport

Airports are often associated to travelling and business trips, but it can also be a romantic spot just like how AlanView full post »

Stephanie . Benny’s Wedding at Beas River Country Club

Couples who decide to have outdoor garden weddings often have a certain love-hate relationship with the venue. BridesView full post »

Dorothy . Jack’s Engagement at Kyoto

I have been visiting Japan every spring in the past few years to take engagement photos with newly weds, and last AprilView full post »

Sandy . Eric’s Wedding@The Mira Hong Kong

I came to know Sandy and Eric before their big day as I was given a chance to be their engagement photographer and alsoView full post »

Anson . Joshua’s Wedding@Union Church

I don’t know if you notice, but before we carry out our shoots for the day we are always given a run down on the seriesView full post »

Selina . Chris’s Wedding@Four Seasons Hotel

One of my recent shoots was featured in and I am immensely excited to share it with you! SelinaView full post »

Natalie & Hin’s Kyoto Pre-wedding

I have been more and more familiar with Kyoto now as I have photographed many sessions at this scenic city with cherryView full post »

Davina & Roger’s Wedding@Grand Hyatt Hong Kong

As a photographer I would always wonder what sort of elements are crucial when capturing wedding photos, and I haveView full post »


Kyoto is an ancient town that was filled with Japanese history and culture. Couples who are interested in joining usView full post »

Donna & Angus’s Wedding@1881 Hullett House

I’ve realized lately that newlyweds prefer half day or simpler weddings maybe because its more comfortable and relaxingView full post »

Patricia & Jackson’s Wedding@Four Seasons Hotel

Patricia and Jackson’s wedding took place at Four Seasons hotel, a place that would always spark good memories upon me,View full post »

Miho . Kevin’s Wedding@Peninsula Hotel

My philosophy in wedding photography has always been to capture the raw, magical moments between newlyweds so thatView full post »

Tracy . David’s Wedding@Island Shangri-La Hotel

I’m really grateful that many couples come to me not only for their pre-wedding photos, but also for their wedding dayView full post »

Yolanda . Simon’s Wedding@Verandah Repulse Bay

Recently, instead of having traditional weddings that last from morning till night, many couples are starting to pickView full post »

Tracy . David’s Pre-wedding

Many couples shy away from having their pre-wedding photos taken during the summer because of the heat, especially inView full post »

Maggie . Ian’s Wedding@The Ritz-Carlton

Maggie and Ian’s wedding day is one that I will always remember fondly. It was an early day for our team, as we had toView full post »

Queenie . San’s Wedding@Beas River Country Club

Queenie and San’s Wedding was one of my favourites last year, I can’t wait to share it with all of you! Not only was itView full post »

Kara . Colin’s Pre-Wedding

It’s been awhile since I’ve shared pre-wedding pictures here as I’ve been a bit busier recently. But today I’d like toView full post »

Suet Yi . Him’s Kyoto Pre-wedding 京都櫻花

In Kyoto京都, April is the time when the gorgeous Sakura櫻花 reach their full blossom. Suet Yi and Him were amongst manyView full post »

Katrina . Gordon’s Wedding@hong kong parkview

A smile is truly infectious. Katrina and Gordon held their wedding on the most romantic day of the year – Valentine’sView full post »

Krystal . Simon’s Wedding@Island Shangri-La

A wedding is a big day not only for the newlyweds, but more importantly for their loved ones. The laughter and joy thatView full post »

Vicki . Teddy’s Wedding@Intercontinental Hong Kong

Vicki has always been a cheerful, caring girl who is always smiling, and it is great to meet her and Teddy once againView full post »

Ruby . Joerg’s Wedding@American Club Hong Kong

Ruby and Joerg’s big day was a memorable event for me as it was a beautiful cross-cultural wedding, with Ruby beingView full post »

Cecilia . Ivan’s Wedding Day@JW Marriott – Capturing the Unique Story

I feel really grateful that many couples in the past place a lot of trust in me and have always supported me and myView full post »

Renee . Gary’s Wedding@JW Marriott

Thanks for the guest post by Renee & Gary. When Gary and I first started planning our HK wedding, my number oneView full post »

Stephanie . Jason’s Engagement – Finding the Old in the New

Stephanie and Jason live and work in the UK, and they plan to have a lovely summer wedding there this year. However,View full post »

Mabel . Edward – The Repulse Bay Wedding

I am really happy and grateful that many couples had long been reading my blog before they chose me as their weddingView full post »

京都Kyoto Pre-wedding 2016

I’m pleased to open booking for 2016 Kyoto pre-wedding. 2 slots: 4-7 Apr 2016 & 15-18 Nov 2016 photo byView full post »

Ulirke . David’s Wedding@Four Seasons – When East Meets West

It is a classic romance story when a pair of friends who grew up together end up spending the rest of their lives withView full post »

Dream . Thomas’s Wedding@Renaissance Harbour View – Distance Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

In the past, I’ve taken pictures at many cross-culture weddings. Couples who come from different countriesView full post »

Jacqueline . Alex’s Wedding@Beas River Country Club – Love Can Conquer the Rain

Many girls dream about having a lovely outdoor wedding at a beautiful garden with blue skies and warm sunshine.  Sadly,View full post »

GeeGee . Dickson’s Wedding – The Beauty of Love

I’ve always believed that a wedding does not necessarily need fancy decorations or grand locations for it to beView full post »

Victoria . Eric’s Wedding@Conrad Hong Kong – Oriental Beauty

When people think of weddings, what comes to mind is normally a romantic day where the bride wearing a beautiful gownView full post »

Shirla . Louis Wedding Day

Louis and Shirla’s wedding was held on 14th February this year. Not only is this Valentine’s Day, but alsoView full post »

Sakura Pre-Wedding in Kyoto

I am so grateful for this one-week trip to Kyoto and the shoot was smoothly completed. Even though it is not my firstView full post »

Karrie . Matthew’s Wedding@Hyatt Regency Hotel, K11 – When East Meets West

Although many couples dream of a beautiful summer wedding, it is interesting that in Hong Kong, the summer is actuallyView full post »

Elaine . Jerry’s Wedding – Tibetan Fusion

It may be hard to find a peaceful spot in a concrete jungle like Hong Kong, but there are actually many venues in HongView full post »

Shirla . Louis – A Cold But Warm Pre-Wedding

Shirla and Louis’s pre-wedding shoot was quite unforgettable for me for two reasons. Firstly, the shoot tookView full post »

Violetta . Igor – A Heartfelt Russian Wedding

Recently, I shot a wedding that I truly enjoyed and I couldn’t wait to share it with all of you! The day afterView full post »

Violetta . Igor’s Wedding – Enjoying the Russian wedding traditions!

Earlier this year I’ve already posted some pictures from Violetta and Igor’s wedding, which were some of myView full post »

Astrid . KK’s Wedding Ceremony – Timeless Simplicity

Astrid and KK’s wedding was a simple church ceremony, which will be accompanied with another wedding receptionView full post »

Wendy . Ronald’s Pre-wedding

Thanks for the guest post by Wendy & Ronald. – – – – – – – –View full post »

Amanda . Derek’s Wedding@Hyatt Regency K11 – The Art of Lighting

The focus of most of my pictures is the feeling they convey – a warm, comfortable vibe that just comes naturally.View full post »

Chanlaam & Jim’s Pre-wedding – The Tai O Experience

Chan Laam and Jim’s prewedding was quite a special one, and I can’t wait to share the experience with allView full post »

Catherine . Eric’s Pre-wedding – Stepping from City to Country

When discussing with couples about their pre-wedding shoots, I am always happy to welcome and accept new ideas orView full post »

Winnie . Robert – A Special Local Pre-Wedding

It may be surprising to many that Hong Kong is actually home to many beautiful sites that can be beautiful weddingView full post »

Bda . Sunny’s Wedding

This is actually the second time I’ve met with Bda and Sunny, as I had also helped them take their pre-weddingView full post »

Yinwei . Kelvin’s Pre-wedding

I had a lovely time shooting Yinwei and Kelvin’s wedding, and I am grateful for their appreciation and kindView full post »

Jane . Bacon – An Outward Bound Pre-wedding

Since the arrival of autumn, Hong Kong’s weather has been lovely with cool breezes and warm sunshine, making it aView full post »

The Beauty of Monotone

About 10 years ago, I started taking photographs using black and white film, and I instantly fell in love with it.View full post »

WPJA Wedding Awards

I received the best Christmas present ever! I’m so glad that one of my pictures submitted for the WPJAView full post »

Betsy . Henry’s Wedding – The Bride is Everything

Gaining the couple’s recognition and trust is the first step towards being booked as their photographer, and I amView full post »

Mili . Paul’s Wedding – A Small and Touching Wedding

Mili and Paul come from New York City, but decided to have the wedding in Hong Kong where Mili’s cousin isView full post »

Genevieve . Jony’s Pre-wedding – Two Brides and A Groom?

Genevieve and Jony requested a simple pre-wedding shoot to be conducted at a place with endless, green fields as theyView full post »

Kayla . Minn – Moments to Remember

If you guys have read my blog, you would probably remember the beautiful Burmese wedding of Kayla and Minn. After thatView full post »

Stefanie and William – The Perfect Wedding

Stefanie and William’s wedding was definitely one of my favourite weddings that I have worked at recently, and IView full post »

Yiu . Ben’s Wedding – A big day at the Grand Stage

Time really flies! I still remember my trip to Kyoto with Yiu and Ben last November for their pre-wedding shoot. At theView full post »

Oxana . Heiko’s Wedding – A Beautiful Cross-Cultural Experience

This may seem surprising, but Oxana and Heiko’s wedding is the fourth wedding I’ve photographed this yearView full post »

Bda . Sunny’s Pre-wedding – Sunset Romance

The summer weather was definitely not to kind to Bda and Sunny. With the rain and unstable weather, we had toView full post »

Celia and Roy Pre-wedding – An Example for Us All

Recently, I’ve met a couple who had consulted me about doing a pre-wedding photoshoot for them. However, they didView full post »

Carrie . Ben’s Wedding

Carrie and Ben’s wedding is one of my recent favourites. We were able to show each and every bit of the glamour andView full post »

Mili . Paul’s Wedding – A Small and Touching Wedding

Mili and Paul come from New York City, but decided to have the wedding in Hong Kong where Mili’s cousin isView full post »

Whitney . Timothy’s Pre-wedding

Shooting location: tai po waterfront park, shing mun reservoir, Murray House@StanleyView full post »

Kayun . Chris’s Wedding – Photography with Heart

At the banquet, Kayun delivered a speech that touched the hearts of the all the audience, and reinforced my passion andView full post »

Carol and Assad – A Pakistani Wedding!

One of the best things about being a wedding photographer is the opportunity to experience and photograph weddings ofView full post »

Joan . Andy’s Wedding – A little bit of Britain in Hong Kong

Joan and Andy’s wedding was held at a very special location – a private club called the Helena May onView full post »

Isabella . Jason’s Pre-wedding – A Misty Romance

It is always much more challenging to take pre-wedding shots outdoors than indoors because there is one element thatView full post »

Yiu & Ben Pre-wedding: In Love with Maples 京都紅葉

Nice to have a pre-wedding shooting trip in Kyoto 京都 with Yiu & Ben. Ben found my oversea pre-wedding schedule toView full post »

Chapel Train Wedding Gown

photography_Patrick Law@ model_Janet Chan@starz people makeup & hair_PancyView full post »

Carmen & David – A Sea Wedding

David, the Scotsman has came all the way from the other side of the globe to marry his beautiful wife Carmen. I feelView full post »

Qi Pao & Qwa Shooting

photography_Patrick Law@ model: Naya Lee@ starz people makeup & hairView full post »

Wedding Award 2012

Last month, I attended the Wedding Magazine Awards Ceremony wedding magazine and won the 2012 Best “Words ofView full post »

Mandy & Alex – A casual wear pre-wedding shot

After a peak session of wedding session, I am now having more pre-wedding job after April. Most clients will haveView full post »

Ivy. Ryan – London Pre-wedding Making of Video

Shooting locations: Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, St James Park, Chelsea Stadium Photo Set: London Pre-wedding@Chelsea’sView full post »

Joey and Michael Pre-wedding: Grab the Magic hour!

Joey and Michael have taken their pre-wedding photos in the summer. We rescheduled the shooting 3 times due to theView full post »

London Love Affair 2011

I had an amazing wedding job in London this May, and I must say it is the highlight of all my overseas wedding jobsView full post »