Isabella . Jason’s Pre-wedding – A Misty Romance

It is always much more challenging to take pre-wedding shots outdoors than indoors because there is one element that you can never control: the weather! Although sometimes unfortunate weather could ruin the entire shoot, at other times it could have surprisingly beautiful effects!

When we got to the Peak for Isabella and Jason’s pre-wedding shoot, we realized that it was very misty and were worried that the pictures would not come out nice with the low visibility. However, surprisingly, the mist actually helped create a very romantic atmosphere which gave the pictures a very mysterious and dream-like effect!

Another special thing about shooting outdoors is the ability to add interesting elements into the shot. This time, we took some casual candid shots in a cafe, which gave the photoset a lively touch. Sometimes, instead of posing in proper wedding gowns throughout the entire shoot, I would suggest some casual lifestyle shots to help the couple feel more relaxed and into the shoot. It is always useful for you to put extra effort in choosing the location of your shoot, or even discuss it with your photographer so that you could find the perfect location to bring out your favourite themes!

Shooting location: Victoria Peak Garden山頂花園, La Brezza Cafe, 灣仔藍屋


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