Florence . Irwin’s Wedding – A Sweet Romance

Every wedding is truly unique, as every couple has a unique story behind their relationship. As a photographer, I always hold each couple’s story closely to my heart, because the experience I’ve shared with them during their weddings remain memorable to me even after I finish editing the pictures. This is why I love to blog about the couples after each shoot, so that these lovely memories will not only be captured by film, but celebrated through words as well.

Florence and Irwin’s wedding was held at one of my favourite locations, the modern and stylish W hotel, while the reception was held at the open area outside the hotel. I must say that Irwin is a sweet and romantic man, as he not only gave heart-warming speeches on stage, but even played the guitar on stage for the beautiful bride. It is common for grooms to worry about performing on stage because they might be afraid of embarrassing themselves. Yet, they must remember that the main point of performing is not about being good at it, but about putting down your pride and stepping out of your comfort zone to show your love for your soul mate. If you put your heart into it, I can guarantee that it would be the best performance ever, and you will have your bride in tears of joy and laughter!

Ceremony: W Hotel, Wedding Reception: W Hotel


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