Miho . Kevin’s Wedding@Peninsula Hotel

My philosophy in wedding photography has always been to capture the raw, magical moments between newlyweds so that their pictures can tell a story, and that they can relive those beautiful memories many years later. I believe that couples nowadays prefer to have photographers who are observant and will pick out the perfect moments to capture.

Miho and Kelvin’s wedding ceremony took place at the Peninsula and the afternoon section was mainly focused on the preparations, for example the bride getting her make up done in the room and taking pictures with her family. As I have previously mentioned, I always believe that wedding photographers shouldn’t spend too much time taking different portraits of the couples as that can be done at the pre-wedding session, and the wedding day photos should be focused more on the interactions between the guests and the newlyweds. To me, it is more important to capture these once in a lifetime moments on film rather than staging them.

The special day was a simple one but I really enjoyed doing this shoot as the rundown wasn’t too rushed and it didn’t require us to go to too many locations, which would not only be tiring for us but also the newlyweds. It also created a relaxing atmosphere for us to work in, as I was able to observe and capture all the tiny precious moments. From the ROM till the banquet in the evening, there was no need for surprises or extravagant performances as all the guests were able to enjoy the night thoroughly. Instead it was the simple speeches given by Miho’s father and Kelvin that touched the hearts of the people in the room.

Last but not least, I wish Miho and Kelvin a beautiful married life ahead and to many happy beginnings!

Wedding Ceremony & Reception: Peninsula Hotel Hong Kong


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