Wedding at The Mira Hong Kong and Chinese Rhenish Church Kowloon

December, for many, is the best month of the year. With dazzling festive decorations draped across the city and plans of reunions and parties penciled into diaries, it is indeed the most wonderful time of the year. Lorraine and Brian, however, had one more trick up their sleeves. They were getting married! A joyous occasion to top off the Christmas and New Year’s festivities. 

On a crisp December day, the groom and his groomsmen congregated outside The Mira Hotel, Hong Kong, framed with bright Christmas decorations. Brian was picking up Lorraine in her elegant white dress to Chinese Rhenish Church, Kowloon, where the wedding ceremony would  be held. Walking through The Mira with her arm around Brian’s, you could tell that Lorraine and her husband-to-be had a great sense of comfort within each other’s company as they smiled and chatted to each other. 

Outside the large wooden doors of the Chinese Rhenish Church, Lorraine’s father helped his daughter arrange her veil, a gesture of care and love. As the ceremony began, the bridesmaid and the groomsmen were led down the aisle adorned with flowers, by a dapper young boy and an adorable flower girl with a bouquet in her hands. Soon after came Lorraine and her father, as Brian stood on the altar with a proud grin on his face. Below the large, warmly lit cross, the couple said their vows to one another and were married. As Brian prepared to walk out with his newly wedded wife, Lorraine was so touched by the love she felt in becoming Brian’s wife that she reduced to tears. The soft winter sun shone through the clouds as if to celebrate Brian and Lorriane’s new marriage, which made the glowing garden behind the church a beautiful backdrop for photos. 

In the evening, the couple and their family and friends gathered at The Mira’s splendid banquet hall for their wedding reception. Brian and Lorraine ventured through the room full of round tables to the front, where their impressive, 5-tiered wedding cake waited for them on the blue stage. The couple shared a glass of champagne and made a toast to their supportive and loving guests. The rest of the evening was full of wedding cheer, love and laughter. Each raised glass for Brian and Lorraine was a celebration, for the couple’s new era of life together as husband and wife.

Photography: Patrick Photography / Venue: The Mira Hong Kong / Church: Chinese Rhenish Church Kowloon (中華基督教禮賢會九龍堂)


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