Pre-wedding at St. John’s Cathedral & HK Museum of Medical Sciences

Deriving from its colonial history, Hong Kong is a unique meeting point of Chinese and Western culture, nostalgia and modernity. These qualities seep into every aspect of the city, from the architecture to its people. Dressed in both traditional Chinese and Western wedding attire, Janet and Grant’s pre-wedding shoot took them to the oldest Anglican Church in the Far East – St. John’s Cathedral, the Edwardian-style Hong Kong Museum of Medical Sciences, the modern Hong Kong city centre and Po Hing Fong, an area in Sheung Wan surrounded by old Hong Kong infrastructure. Janet and Grant’s pre-wedding shoot was not only a record of the couple’s love for one another but also a quintessential expression of Hong Kong’s essence.

In her flowing white wedding gown and his black suit and tie, Janet and Grant strolled hand-in-hand through the garden nearby, with St. John’s cathedral towering behind them. The scene looked like something out of an old English town. The greenery and the old monument made for a tranquil backdrop as the lovers glowed under the soft beams of sunlight. As if we were travelling in a time machine, I followed Janet and Grant into the city, reaching the realm of gridded, pristine, glassy buildings. Here, under the stacks of windows, Janet and Grant had left the old English town and were now a modern couple in an international city.

Now dressed in their mandarin collars, the couple ventured to Po Hing Fong, sprinkled with gems of old Hong Kong buildings and streets. We had seemingly transported back to the 1960s, as Janet’s vibrant, red qipao-esque dress and pearl necklace matched perfectly with the nostalgic aesthetic of the old tiled doorways and rustic gates. The many long stone staircases also served as interesting photo opportunities for Janet and Grant to showcase their affection as well as their pride in Chinese culture.

In an ever changing city made up of intertwining cultures, histories, the past and present, Janet and Grant’s love is an evolving constant amongst it all. Their love is genuine and honest but made richer too, by the couple’s own ties to Hong Kong’s fascinating qualities.

I really love photographing and studying elements of Hong Kong’s rich colonial history and thoroughly enjoyed helping Janet and Grant with their pre-wedding shoot. If you and your partner are curious about great locations for pre-wedding shoots, please don’t hesitate to drop me a message.

Location: St. John’s Cathedral / Hong Kong Museum of Medical Sciences



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