Alan’s Proposal at Hong Kong Airport

Airports are often associated to travelling and business trips, but it can also be a romantic spot just like how Alan created such a romantic proposal for his girlfriend Shirley.

Alan planned to propose to Shirley before their holiday trip, and has already contacted me beforehand with the planning.

On the night itself as they were on their way to the airport, we were following them from behind with Shirley still clueless from what was going to happen and change her life.

As they were about to enter the departure hall, Alan mentioned that he wanted to double-check his luggage as he might have forgotten something. He had decorated the suitcase in advance with WILL YOU MARRY ME wordings and filled the case with flower petals and balloons. When he opened the suitcase and knelt in front of Shirley, you could see how surprised and astonished she was as she never expected it to happen at that moment.

Alan made his speech to Shirley and his thoughts on their relationship, mentioning she was the best thing that ever happened to him, and he wanted to treat her like a princess for the rest of her life. And as expected everything turned out to be how it was supposed to be and Shirley said YES!

Being there to shoot the proposal, we were able to witness the whole process and the tears of joy from both the lovebirds. This will definitely be one of the most memorable trips Alan and Shirley will have and I wish them eternal happiness in their journey together in life.


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